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Choosing a color for your decal
Most decals can be made in any color you want.

Spitfire Decal / Sticker

Spitfire  Decal / Sticker

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Enter a number for size in either box above and click within the other box to see the proportional height or width.

Size boxes are for reference only. Please choose the size (width) you want from the pull down menu on the right.

If you need a size not listed, order the size closest to what you want and make a note in the comments box the actual size needed.

Spitfire Decal / Sticker

CODE: spitfire_motorlogo

List price: $21.00  

Sale Price: $15.99

You save: $5.01 (24%)

The size you choose is measured LEFT to RIGHT.

This selection will replace the color in the image that is NOT WHITE. The white is not part of the decal.

Would you like your decal Flipped so it is facing the opposite of what is shown?

Do you want your decal to be 2 colors?

Select ONLY if you chose an option in STEP 4.

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General Decal Information

  • Our decals are made from commercial quality vinyl that will last several years in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • All decals are CUSTOM MADE to your specifications of size and color.
  • Each design can be made in any width and are measured LEFT TO RIGHT. (*Except Stick Figure Decals)
  • Most decals can be made in any color or pattern found on the color chart
  • The white in the image is just a background color.  Your decal will not have a background; all decals are die-cut around the shape of the design unless otherwise shown. *Some FULLCOLOR decals will have white within the thin gray line shown. See BELOW for more information.
  • You may also choose to have a Shadow, Outline or Contour in an additional color.  Click here for additional information.
  • Decals can be installed on any smooth, clean surface like glass, wood, metal, walls, and painted surfaces.
  • Discounts are automatically added if you purchase more than one item.  Items don't have to be the same to qualify for the discount.
  • Please see the FAQ page for answers to questions you may have.
  • Is the design shown above close to what you are wanting but not quite perfect?  Use the Direct Inquiry tab (above) to let us know what needs to be done to make it perfect for you.  Or you can simply order and note in the comments box the change needed.  We will make the change and email you before we ship if there are any questions.

The image below shows 3 different style decals.  Use them to help visualize how your decal will look depending on what type of decal you are purchasing.

  1. The first one on the left is your standard die-cut decal.  The image on the order form shows it in black (upper left hand corner of the image) but yellow was chosen for the color.  As you can see the surface color shows through all the open areas within the design.  See the order form image.
  2. The middle design is similar but is with a Full Color decal.  The design is printed but still has open areas within the eyes and mouth so those are cut out.  You can see what parts will be cut out on a full color decal as there will be a thin gray line any place there is a cut.  See the order form image.
  3. The final one on the right is a full color decal but there are no holes. The white edge wraps around the design giving it a white contour.  Once again, the edge is represented by a thin gray line.  See the order form image.
  4. If you have any questions please use the Direct Inquiry tab above find out more.

Color Choices

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Looking for Signs?

Most decals can be made in any color listed above or on the color chart.

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