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Choosing a color for your decal
Most decals can be made in any color you want.

Custom Decals and Custom Stickers

We specialize in custom decals.

Looking for Custom Lettering Decals and Stickers or Custom Numbering Decals and Stickers ?

bullet Many of the decals that you see on the site started out as custom decals.
bullet No job is too small or too large.  If you need just 1 custom decal or 100,000 custom decals, Fast Decals can help.
bullet Email us for a custom quote on decals made exactly to your specifications.
bullet Full digital printing available for small or large runs of custom decals.  Single color die-cut custom decals are of coarse available too.
bullet We accept just about all types of image formats to work with (vector art preferred).
bullet We give HUGE discounts too on bulk orders of custom decals and custom stickers.  Pricing can be as little as 10 cents per decal when purchasing in bulk.

Or see all of our Custom Decals you may purchase directly online.

Custom Die-Cut Decals (No Background)

Custom Square Cut Decals

Custom Die-cut Decals and Stickers   Custom Printed Decals and Stickers
  • No background!  Decal is the shape of the design with holes cut out.
  • Minimum order is normally just one or two decals
  • Custom color/material choices like chrome and carbon fiber.
  • Works great on windows where you need to see through open areas of the design.
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!
  • Square Cut Corners ONLY!
  • Sizes from 2"x2" up to 11.75"x17.5"
  • 0.25" Increments in sizing (ie. 3.75")
  • Cheapest option for bulk decals (25+)
  • As low as 10 cents each.
  • 3 Material options: Paper (for indoor use), White Vinyl with UV coating (for outdoor use) and Clear Polyester with UV coating (for outdoor use).
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!

Custom Stock Die-Cut Shapes

Any Shape Background Custom Decals

 Custom Printed Decals and Stickers in Stock Shapes Custom Printed Decals and Stickers in ANY SHAPE
  • We have about 50 pre-made dies in custom shapes ready to cut.
  • These dies are one size and shape and can not be modified.  (List coming soon)
  • Cheaper option for bulk decals (250+) than our "Any Shape" printed decals.
  • As low as 19 cents each.
  • 3 Material options: Paper (for indoor use), White Vinyl with UV coating (for outdoor use) and Clear Polyester with UV coating (for outdoor use).
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!
  • Can be made in ANY SHAPE!
  • Holes can be cut out of some open areas if needed.
  • Any size you want from 0.2 inch to 27 inches in ANY sizing increments.
  • Normally only a 1-6 minimum order
  • Lots of material and finishes available.
  • We have 1000's of custom patterns or you can use your own to fill in the design.
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!

Making custom decals for over 10 years!

A few custom decals from past customers.

Custom Bumper StickersCustom Bumper Stickers

Over 1000 Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Bull Skull Hardhat DecalCustom Tribal and Flame Hardhat Decals
Custom decals for hardhat with bull skull, tribal 1 and up flames

Custom Backboard Decals
Custom decals on glass backboard

Custom Pinball Decals
 Custom Musical Notes Decals on Pinball machine

Custom Beaker DecalCustom Beaker Decal

Diamond Plate Transformers DecalsDiamond Plate Transformers Window Decals
Diamond Plate Transformers Decals Transformer Decals in Diamond Plate

Custom Decal Stripes  Punisher decal with custom stripes made using Vinyl By The Foot

Custom Window Decal Custom lettering decal above wolf decal

Custom hardhat decals.  You can have something like this designed for your hardhats.

cover up decals  These decals were used to cover up a mistake that was made on a printed brochure (we didn't print the brochures).

charity decals  Custom Charity Decals.  Great for fundraisers.

Custom Plaid Decal Material

Custom Plaid Decal

Custom Maltese Cross Hardhat Decals
Some custom 2 color custom hardhat decals

Custom Scale Decals
2 color scale custom decals

Custom R1 Decal in Chrome

Custom X Star Decal
Custom X Star Logo Decal (the red "star" is a separate decal)


Custom MGD Decal
Custom Miller Genuine Draft decal


Custom Mirror Decal
Ordinary Mirror turned into art with a custom decal

Bulk Decals  Large order of custom decals for a gym

brushed aluminum decals  Custom circular Brushed Aluminum Decals with printed logo

chrome decals  Custom Circular Chrome Decals with printed logo

custom diamond plate decals  Custom Printed Diamond Plate Decals

Some Custom Decals we offer:

Looking for Signs?

Most decals can be made in any color listed above or on the color chart.

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